20 maiores frontman do Rock

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20 maiores frontman do Rock

Mensagem  SGuns em Seg Jan 18 2010, 18:59

What is it that makes a man a great rock frontman? A rare mixture of style, swagger and charisma – and having the vocal chops to back it all up certainly doesn't hurt, either. But this isn't a list of the greatest singers of all time here – and things like No. 1 hits or platinum album sales don't even factor. Instead, let's look at those male vocalists who just exude cool every time they take the stage and see if it is possible to pinpoint what sets them apart from the also-rans.

5. Axl Rose

Axl Rose has attained an almost mythical status -- and not only for his onstage presence. Rose is a lightning rod for controversy, be it punching an unruly reporter or taking 14 years and $12 million to make an album. Despite all that, when he is on his game, there is no one better. Barely contained intensity mixes with manic energy to make him an attention magnet. And even with the depth of talent that the other members of Guns N' Roses possessed, it was impossible to keep from watching Axl as he rushed across the stage, belting out notes that could shatter glass or bloody eardrums.

1. Elvis Presley
2. Freddie Mercury
3. Mick Jagger
4. David Lee Roth
5. Axl Rose
6. Gene Simmons
7. Ozzy Osbourne
8. Iggy Pop
9. Jim Morrison
10. Alice Cooper
11. Steven Tyler
12. Bruce Dickinson
13. Bruce Springsteen
14. David Bowie
15. Marilyn Manson
16. Robert Smith
17. Bono
18. Rob Zombie
19. Ted Nugent
20. Robert Plant

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Re: 20 maiores frontman do Rock

Mensagem  bang bang roses em Ter Jan 19 2010, 00:15


bang bang roses
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